2015 Brooklyn Stand Up For Mental Health: Raising Awareness On Teens With Anxiety Disorders

Participants of the 2015 Brooklyn Stand Up For Mental Health tackled matters about how to achieve psychological wellness among teenagers who already have anxiety disorders.  It aims to make people more knowledgeable about mental health disorders so that they can be more empathetic to those who are suffering from the illness.

The event is also an avenue in raising awareness in various concerns about mental health such as possible environmental stressors that can trigger anxiety in adolescents and the role of society in helping the people already suffering from the disorder.


  • What Is Anxiety Disorder?


Mental disorders are adverse, pervasive and disabling. These can interfere with day to day activities. Anxiety disorder is a psychiatric disease wherein a person may be suffering from extreme worry and irrational fears.  

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There are many types of anxiety disorder and each of these centers around a specific aspect.  Examples of these are social anxiety disorders, panic disorders, selective mutism, and separation anxiety. However, there is a type called generalized anxiety disorder (GAD) where a person has extreme worries and fears over many different things.

A person with GAD has difficulties controlling his fears and worries, a symptom that can last up to months at a time.  6.8 million Americans are suffering from GAD every year. According to experts, the age group that is at risk of developing GAD is between pre-adolescence and adulthood. Therefore, adolescence is a very crucial stage for the onset of mental disorders such as anxiety.


  • How Can We Help?


Through the years, there are developments in raising awareness of mental health disorder. Compared to previous decades, people are more conscious and empathetic to those who are suffering from mental disorders. However, teenagers are complicated people. Since they are in the stage of learning and growing, they find it hard to understand themselves.

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Therefore, establishing multiple avenues for adolescents to understand what they are going through and duly express themselves is integral in the issue of mental health. These include activities like the 2015 Brooklyn Stand Up For Mental Health for raising awareness about psychological disorders among teenagers and being the avenue for the help they need.