5 Ways Counseling Can Help You Get Further In Life

Typically when you think of seeing a counselor, you think of mental health disorders such as depression or anxiety. Or perhaps you might think of attending counseling because of a relationship breakdown. What might surprise you though is the fact that you don’t need to be experiencing problems to this extent to benefit from counseling. There are a number of ways that counseling can help an already well-functioning person improve in a variety of areas in their life. Read on to see how counseling may help you to reach your full potential.

1) Provides self awareness:

“Counseling can help you dive into some of these issues and determine what is at the root of the constant conflict,” says Susan Block, LMFT. Through the counseling process, a therapist encourages you to examine yourself and the world around you. This assists you to take an observant view of the world, helping you to be more open minded, more creative and open to change. This can, in turn, be of assistance when you experience life changes and makes adjusting to these easier. However, this is not the only way we can learn new things about ourselves…

Counseling can also help us to…

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2) Develop insight:

Often we may react to situations in a particular manner without knowing why we do so. We might just accept that this is “us” and there is no changing it. This can make it difficult to address bad habits or build on areas we would like to. Counseling encourages us to look at our thoughts, feelings, and behavior more closely. Through paying more attention to these and the connections between them, we can work on making our thoughts more helpful and useful to us. This helps us to shape our them into thoughts that boost our mood and help to increase productivity and creativity. This new insight can then help us in another way…

3) Value yourself more/increase your confidence:

Through gaining a better understanding of ourselves we are able to identify our strengths and weaknesses. With the help of a counselor through therapy, we can use this knowledge to set realistic goals and work towards achieving these. The achievement of these goals can strengthen our self-confidence and self-esteem (head on over to our post on self-confidence [Increase your confidence through counseling] for more information on this). Not only does counseling help us to build upon our self-confidence, it can also help improve our relationships.

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4) Improve your relationships:

Counseling can help us to improve our communication skills and become more aware of how we interact with others. This can not only improve our romantic relationships but friendships, work relationships and the ability to develop new connections with people. As Stacy Donn Cristo, LMHC used to say, “Love is the root of what brings each and every one of us to therapy—the need to understand love, the hunger and desperation to find love and experience love, the desire to love and the desire to be loved.” Head on over to our blog on relationship counseling [How counseling can save your relationship] for more information on this. Finally, and in my opinion, most importantly, counseling can improve your overall quality of life.

5) Help you to appreciate life for what it is:

According to Chris Oneth LMFT, “Connecting with a therapist can help you get through the “groundhog day” of never-ending cycles where you feel continually defeated.” Often when we are stressed or upset, we can focus on the future or the past. Such as feeling regret or sadness over something that has happened or dreading or worrying about something yet to come.

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Have you ever had a whole day go by and you wonder what you did with all your time and you wish you had actually just enjoyed it. Therapy can help you to learn to let the past go and leave the future to your future self while focusing on the present. Focusing on the present helps you to experience each moment completely and its entirety. Through taking a non-judgmental approach to this experience, it allows us to appreciate each moment as it comes. It also allows us to give each task or person our full attention which can in turn also strengthen our relationships and help make life more enjoyable overall.

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