For Adolescents: How to Choose Your Future Self

Things can be difficult for young adolescents if they are given the responsibility to jumpstart their careers and their futures. One may have difficulties with choosing one path over the other. However, things can get easier when you know the many possible considerations that may affect your future.

Here are some guides and paths to choose from when you want to be the best version of yourself years from now.


Chase Your Passion

Many people will never go wrong with going for their passion. Some of us might be talented singers and actresses while others might have an extraordinary talent in painting or doing visual arts. Others might just be good at pleasing people during negotiations.

Chasing your passion means honing your known talents to its best form. When you can sing, you might want to enroll in a music school or you might want to venture on a choir audition wherein you will be given the break to be at your best. When you can write, you might want to write your own book.


It will not be an easy road no matter how talented you are. Being the best at any endeavor requires prior determination and grit. In addition, taking the first step and never looking back will eventually get you there.


Enter the Right School or University

Similarly, your future will be determined partly by the institution you will get into. Surrounding yourself with people with the same mindset and capacity will turn you into a better version of yourself. However, exposing yourself from people who are already contented with what they are at the present may hinder your growth as a person.


Entering the right institution will also give you advantages in the real world. Those that have established names in certain fields like academics and arts will give you identity capital that you can utilize after your schooling.


Start Your Own Venture

While the previously determined path leverages success on how you want to improve yourself, you might also want to enrich yourself by starting your own ventures and adventures. Those who take the path less taken are usually the ones who later on become the leaders of the society. They are the ones who become a name or brand in a particular community associated with the typical definition of success.

Starting early will give you that advantage of mindset, grit, determination, youth, energy, and drive. This will make the venture mature with you as you age.


Follow Your Idol

You may also want to take the path of the one you idolize or admire, such as your popular TV or sporting idols, or even your successful parents. Following their path will not ensure you the same success. However, it may provide you with a template and a list of learnings and pitfalls that will prove to be crucial in reaching the best version of yourself.

Thinking of your future self as early as now gives you an additional platform to make you reach your ideal version easier and earlier. Use your time wisely to work on yourself towards becoming who you want to become in years time.