He Cheated On Me, I Cheated On Him, Is There Still A Chance?

This is very heartbreaking. You are in a relationship with the love of your life. You thought that everything will be smooth sailing. You never expected to have this fiasco of betrayal and lies, but it still happened. He cheated on you. So to get even with you, you also cheated on him. Is there a chance to salvage your almost fairy tale relationship?

Laying the Grounds

This is a very controversial topic. Believe it or not, at least 22% of men in a relationship admitted that they cheated on their significant other at least once. This is the same with women, but only with a lower percentage of 17%. Infidelity seems like a taboo, but it is definitely not uncommon in many relationships.

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The good news is that love is still the denominator of every issue. If you both still love each other and are willing to put in the work to resolve the relationship, it won’t hurt to try. You don’t want to waste a lifetime of happiness after a stupid mistake of another. Just make sure that you really didn’t intend to cheat on your significant other. Better to lay the grounds by discussing first the root cause of the infidelity. This cause may be enough to know whether or not your relationship is worth saving.


Have an Open and Honest Communication

This is really important if you are considering to stay in the relationship. Both of you must be open and honest with one another regarding the infidelity. It is definitely not easy to know about the history of the infidelity, but it can help in the healing process. In addition, both of you should come to terms if you want to continue the relationship. Weigh things first. Maybe it will be better if you two become separated – maybe not. The important thing is that you and your partner are open and honest about what you both want in the relationship.

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Don’t Be Afraid To Ask For Help

If both of you do not want to let go of one another but are struggling to open up, it may be really helpful to ask for help. There are many options available that solely focus on helping couples fix their relationships. There are couples therapists and psychologists who are licensed and experienced in dealing with this kind of issue. Having a professional to help you mend your relationship can be very beneficial since these professionals have tried and tested structures to follow. Moreover, having a third party to discuss with in order to resolve the issue can give you and your partner a fresh perspective on how to view your relationship.

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If both of you and your partner believe that this relationship is worth a second chance, then do everything that you can to empower the relationship.