How to Keep the Fire of the Relationship Burning

There will be times when a couple would feel that being in that relationship is just for compliance or for being in the safe zone. The butterflies in their stomachs when seeing each other are no longer there. This can particularly be true with relationships that have been going on for quite some time now.

The big question emerges: how will the relationship go forward for many years or even for life? Good news! There are some tips on how to add spice to the love pact. Here are some of them:


Subscribe to Three-Day Gratitude Plan


This is a good step to revitalize the relationship by appreciating even the smallest of things. Research has found that having the right amount of gratitude in a relationship brings about more peace, pride and satisfaction to the couple. To follow three-day plan, you must:

1st day: Focus on three qualities of your partner that you really love, throughout the day.

2nd day: Determine three things or traits about your partner that annoys you so much, and forgive them for this.

3rd day: Speak only of beautiful, positive, and kind words to your partner the entire day.

This simple exercise of gratitude will make you realize that a simple way to show positivity in the relationship can bring it farther.


Randomly Call Your Partner


Randomly calling your partner in the middle of the day makes him or her appreciate you. That partner might be having a bad day and your call can ease up their bad mood. Calling him or her randomly to say how much you love him or her as a partner will go a long way.


Throw Parties


While the problem of a constantly getting cold relationship may be purely internal, a couple should still know that spending too much time with each other can become the problem in itself. Organizing a party for you and your friends may become a healthy practice without having to be constantly attached to your partner. You may be able to spend time with your buddies while she is having fun with her friends.


Follow the 3:1 Ratio


Being in a relationship for so long might get toxic if not handled carefully. You will hear couples having constant fights and arguments, or couples who spend so much time apart without having to talk with each other the entire day. Couples should follow a 3:1 healthy ratio of positive things over the negative things in a relationship. This way, you will have a solid assessment of what you bring into a relationship over what you take from it, and likewise for your partner.


Go on New, Simple Dates


Relationships that have been going on for years might find it difficult to schedule small dates given that each have been comfortable with one another without having to go the extra mile. If you want to put an extra flame to that relationship, you might want to go on newer adventures. You might schedule your next trip to the nearest park. You might also want to have a grocery trip at night. Everything can be considered as a date if you see it that way.


Keeping the flame burning will not be extremely difficult. You just have to remember the importance of your partner in your life. Recall the day when you knew that you want to spend the rest of your life with your partner. If you and your partner are having trouble to rekindle the fire in your relationship, there are many resources online that may consider. You can talk to professional counselors and therapist in several online platforms.