Additional 6 Signs That You Might Not Be So Good In Bed (Opt For Online Therapy To Feel Better About Yourself)


My inspiration for this writeup is my best friend. She’s the one talking about her experience with her husband on the first part of this writeup. (For those who haven’t read the first part, I suggest that you go there first before reading this one. This is the concluding article, and it would be helpful for you to read that before you enjoy this one.) I remember her telling me over the phone. She was crying her heart out, and I couldn’t seem to understand her words, “My husband left me. He said I’m not good in bed, and that he hates me! We’re getting a divorce.”

She went through a lot, and three things helped her cope – her loved ones including me, her parents, her siblings, and her kids, her craft (my BFF is a writer), and online therapy. If not for all of that, she wouldn’t have moved on from her husband’s hurtful words.

But really, could it be true? Is it possible for your spouse to lose his love for you because of sex? Is it a massive factor in relationships and marriages? Anyway, here are additional signs that say you might not be that good in bed.


You Or Your Partner Feel Horrible Afterward

Feeling horrible after having sex can ruin the mood between you and your partner, whatever the reason may be. Knowing that your partner regrets having sex with you can put a big blow to your self-worth, and sever connections between the two of you.


Trying To Finish Without Actually Enjoying It


Treating sex as a chore won’t give you and your partner any real sexual pleasure, because you’re just doing it for the sake of complying and finishing it as soon as possible. It will not allow both of you to explore and entice each other, which is vital in sexual pleasure.


You Think It’s Bad If You Don’t Climax

There is this notion that great sex has to finish with a great climax. However, this doesn’t have to be the case all the time. Sex is about the intimacy, exploration, and making sure that you please each other. If you feel pressured about having a climax, then it will pull you away from experiencing the pleasures brought by sex.


You’re Too Concerned With Yourself

You have to understand that men and women have different perceptions when it comes to sex. Accept this fact and don’t get too disturbed by those sex norms that you hear. Because if you have this in mind all the time, you will have a difficult time concentrating on the activity.


You Aren’t Verbal About Your Needs Or Limits

Again. Communication is the key. Not knowing much about your partner’s sexual preferences will push you out of your partner’s boundaries or fail to meet his expectations.


You’re Thinking About It Too Much


Overthinking can complicate relationships, and this is also true with sex.

Sex ought to be enjoyed by both parties. And it can be if you are willing to try and make your sex life a colorful one. Talk openly to your partner and be open-mind to find solutions. Let’s just hope that your husband is not like the jerk that my best friend had to live with for a decade before he left her.