Am I In The Right Relationship?



You’ve been together for about a year now, and things are doing quite well. No big arguments, no misunderstandings that can’t be resolved. You feel like you’re lucky to have someone like him in your life – handsome, well off, and working in a prestigious company. A lot of your friends are envious of you, actually. You feel happy – you should be, right?

But there’s something about him that you can’t quite figure out. You have these fears sometimes that you just can’t brush off, and then you begin to question: Am I in the right relationship?

When you’ve had relationships in the past, you must be well aware that not all relationships are based on how long you’ve been together. You could have had a partner who made you so happy you thought it was forever, but then he had to go away, and so it had to end. Or you could have spent a few long years with someone but never really felt like he was the one.

So would you know really? Are there signs that you can watch out for? Here are a few that have been shared by women online that perhaps you can relate to and might help you determine if you’re in the right relationship.

How Can You Tell?

You can talk about everything, argue about anything, but still be friends in the end.

Some couples can’t stand being together for hours. They run out of things to say and get bored with each other. When they argue, they can’t seem to control the situation and often times end up fighting over a petty conversation about the latest news!

You might be with the right person when simply being with him is what’s important to you – even if you don’t want to talk at all. If you do discuss certain issues or concerns, you do so with respect, knowing that each of you has a different say on things – and that’s okay.

You spend time alone where you can be with yourself or with your other friends and loved ones – and he’s totally fine with it.


A possessive partner thinks that if a woman were to be his wife, she must always be there for her anytime he needs her and that he must be her top priority.

You know when you’re in the right relationship when he gives you the space that you need for the other parts of your life and perhaps giving you time to miss him. He believes that his woman is loyal and committed to him yet is equally loving to her family and significant others, and vice versa, because love for the family must always be nurtured.

You are supportive of each other’s endeavors and are happy for each other’s successes.

If your man doesn’t care enough to ask about your day at work or too preoccupied to think of the things that you are great at, you better think twice about keeping him. Love should be about the two of you, not only on the one who has more things to do or has the better job.

You know when you’ve found a keeper when he talks proudly about how well you cook his favorite meal with his family, or how happy he is that you got the job you’ve always wanted.

You feel like there’s no one in this world you want to be with for better or worse.



Being in a relationship is not easy, as it entails having to think about another instead of only yourself. You need to invest your time and effort on someone because you love him. However, if you feel like you want to be with your partner and spend the rest of your life with him, then this is the final gauge of whether or not you are in the right relationship.

Although there is no guarantee that yours is a match made in heaven, it’s definitely worth a try.