Ways To Ensure Your Long-Distance Relationship Will Have A Happy Ending


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My now-husband and I were in a long-distance relationship for a solid three years. He was in the military and had to go to another country to fulfill his duties. We could get married before his deployment so that I could live with him. However, I was only in my second year in the university back then, and he knew about my promise to my dad that I would finish my degree before tying the knot. So, we had no choice but to be in a long-distance relationship.

The years we spent apart were honestly not easy to deal with. The fear of the other person getting romantically involved with a third party was out of the question because my man got stationed practically away from civilization. What’s difficult, however, was staying in contact with one another.

The first year was the hardest stage. My beau and I used to be around each other all the time. Hence, being thousands of miles away from each other made me long for him so much, and vice versa. We would text and video call a few times a day. We would try to take a break on the same day and merely spend it on a “movie date.” By that, I mean I would open Netflix and turn the camera towards the TV screen so that he could watch a film with me.

On the second years, things became a little trickier because we had more responsibilities in our fields. The calls became less frequent; often, we could only communicate through texts. Sometimes, my man would even fall asleep while we were video chatting out of exhaustion, or vice versa.

When the third year came, and his deployment was about to end, I had a heart-to-heart talk with my beau to figure out where we stand. As it turns out, he loves me as much as I love him, and he doesn’t want our relationship to end. When my boyfriend came back, he asked for my hand, filed for retirement, and opened his business. The “long-distance” part of our relationship passed, and we are now happily married.

If you are still in LDR mode, here’s what I learned from my experience that I could share to you.

1. Communicate

Communication is and will always be essential for any relationship. Especially when you live thousands of miles apart, you need to talk – not text – as much as possible. Written messages cannot express how you feel, after all, so you have to use your voice to make the other person understand you.

2. Compromise


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When you are in a long-distance relationship, the effort should not come from one-half of the couple only. You should learn how to compromise to avoid making the other person feel neglected. For instance, if you are too busy today, make time for your love the next day.

3. Prioritize

An individual who cares for you sincerely will never make you feel like you are not their priority and vice versa. Be sure to take at least a few minutes to update one another about your whereabouts and what you are doing. Take note of their likes as well so that you can give it to them if a chance arises.


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Final Thoughts

There’s nothing to worry about no matter how far you are from your love as long as you feel secure with your relationship. Just wait – you may have the same happy ending that I have gotten.

Religion and Schizophrenia

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Religion or belief in the existence of a higher being is practiced by almost 80% of Americans.  Many of our choices and decisions in life are influenced by religion. Moreover, people also seek comfort and solace in their faith during trying times. Practicing a religion is advantageous in the society since it promotes social order, morality, and sense of unity; however, some may argue that there is a fine line between religion and mental illness. In fact, mental health professional in Western culture labels religion as irrational, dependency forming and outdated which results in emotional instability.

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Important Tips If You Want To Get A Grand Piano Instead Of Going To A Therapist

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I have a friend who’s against going to a therapist so much, even though she needs it to treat her depression. She kept on saying, “That’s a waste of money; I’ll get better without that.” What she wanted to do instead was buy a grand piano and learn how to play it. Thinking that it’s better than nothing, her parents decided to get her one. After all, some studies have shown that music therapy can be excellent when it comes to dealing with mental health issues.

What everyone realized, however, is that buying a grand piano is no easy feat. You cannot merely go for the first one you will lay your eyes on because you may end up wanting to return it. Nevertheless, you should not visit a store without any knowledge about the instrument because the staff may point you straight to the most expensive one.

Below are a few ideas you should take note of, for that reason.

Knowing The Grand Piano Family

Grand piano is like a woman not only because of its curves but also because of its ability to produce “children” over time. Some of the members of its brood are the baby, medium, and concert grand pianos.

It is quite easy to distinguish one grand piano from the others since their sizes, usefulness, and affordability can be classified through their names. The baby grand is one of the smallest grand pianos ever made and is often ranging from sizes 4 feet 11 inches to 5 feet 4 inches. The medium grand’s length is around 5 feet 5 inches to 5 feet 9 inches while the concert grand is about 9 feet lengthwise.

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Beginners usually opt for baby grand piano because it is considerably less pricey than the others and is more convenient for those who do not have a spacious vacant area in their home. It has long been known, on the other hand, that the perfect size and the string length of a medium grand have enticed the music schools and some pianists to use it in their practice rooms instead of the bigger pianos. After all, the latter can take up more space, and the smaller ones have shorter string ranges.

Lastly, the concert grand piano is most suited for performance ballrooms and other concert scenes. For one, its overwhelming sound projection can fill a huge venue. Also, its size can easily eat up a normal-sized stage.

The different sizes of grand pianos certainly fit the needs of every pianist and pianist-wannabes alike.

Asian Or European?

There’s also a debate about whether you should buy an instrument from Asia or Europe. From what we’ve gathered, you have to look for these three things:


Asians are more advanced in incorporating science in their industrial process. It should not come as a too big of a surprise to hear about the addition of plastic parts like ABS styran in their pianos. Such materials make them more inexpensive and more long-lasting since they cannot be affected by any weather conditions. Also, from what people who have purchased a Yamaha grand piano have been saying about it, this brand has “touch response” keys, so the pianists can definitely enjoy playing it.

The Europeans, although they now seem to begin to think in a liberal manner, are still sticking to the tradition of only using hard and/or softwood for their pianos. It is a good thing too, of course, because it means that they are preserving the old ways.

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Even if European piano makers are not exactly fans of mass production and modernization, the quality of the hardwoods that they are using and the consistency in the sounds that their pianos are producing are both excellent. That’s the reason why we can say that their price range is of the right amounts. Owners of European pianos only get a problem, however, when they move to a tropical country because that’s when these pianos need high maintenance. Otherwise, the instrument will not survive from the new atmospheric condition.

The Asian pianos, on the other hand, do not have that kind of problem since the woods used for them are already from tropical areas. Unfortunately, the sound quality isn’t consistent because it tends to sound rusty after some time.


Hands down, Asian grand pianos like Yamaha or Kawai cost a lot lesser than the European ones such as Fazioli and Bosendorfer. The most apparent cause is that the former are usually made out of lighter materials and probably pieced together by technology while the latter make use of full hardwoods and are done manually by exceptional craftsmen.

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Final Thoughts

If a depressed loved one says that they want to try something instead of regular psychotherapy, let them do that. You may think that seeing a therapist is the only way for them to get better, but any mental health professional will agree with the troubled individual. After all, it entails that they’re actively looking for ways to improve.

So, considering it’s learning how to play the piano that they want to try, remember everything mentioned above. Good luck!

2015 Brooklyn Stand Up For Mental Health: Raising Awareness On Teens With Anxiety Disorders

Participants of the 2015 Brooklyn Stand Up For Mental Health tackled matters about how to achieve psychological wellness among teenagers who already have anxiety disorders.  It aims to make people more knowledgeable about mental health disorders so that they can be more empathetic to those who are suffering from the illness.

The event is also an avenue in raising awareness in various concerns about mental health such as possible environmental stressors that can trigger anxiety in adolescents and the role of society in helping the people already suffering from the disorder.


  • What Is Anxiety Disorder?


Mental disorders are adverse, pervasive and disabling. These can interfere with day to day activities. Anxiety disorder is a psychiatric disease wherein a person may be suffering from extreme worry and irrational fears.  

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There are many types of anxiety disorder and each of these centers around a specific aspect.  Examples of these are social anxiety disorders, panic disorders, selective mutism, and separation anxiety. However, there is a type called generalized anxiety disorder (GAD) where a person has extreme worries and fears over many different things.

A person with GAD has difficulties controlling his fears and worries, a symptom that can last up to months at a time.  6.8 million Americans are suffering from GAD every year. According to experts, the age group that is at risk of developing GAD is between pre-adolescence and adulthood. Therefore, adolescence is a very crucial stage for the onset of mental disorders such as anxiety.


  • How Can We Help?


Through the years, there are developments in raising awareness of mental health disorder. Compared to previous decades, people are more conscious and empathetic to those who are suffering from mental disorders. However, teenagers are complicated people. Since they are in the stage of learning and growing, they find it hard to understand themselves.

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Therefore, establishing multiple avenues for adolescents to understand what they are going through and duly express themselves is integral in the issue of mental health. These include activities like the 2015 Brooklyn Stand Up For Mental Health for raising awareness about psychological disorders among teenagers and being the avenue for the help they need.

Different Careers Of Online Therapy Degree Holders

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A career in counseling requires patience and one should consider it as a service towards society. An online counseling degree allows people to stay flexible and obtain various guiding skills. The American Counseling Association defines it as a practical application of human development principles and psychological development through behavioral development methods. There are options available to get a well-accredited degree in counseling through online courses. Universities have started providing training for pursuing a career through online counseling courses at different levels to know what career options are there, even if that means working with an online therapist.

Students interested in a counseling course would be delighted to know that today, online counseling degrees are available at doctoral and masters level. To obtain the certification, you should make a proper research on the college where you wish to apply.

  • Enrollment can be done online at an accredited university. You will receive the training depending on the course for which you apply.
  • The course may stretch from six to eight years depending on the level that you have selected.
  • When it comes to coursework and career, each level of a degree has certain opportunities as a counselor.

You apply for the following courses in order to pursue a degree in this field:

  • Rehabilitator
  • Marriage therapist
  • School counselor
  • Mental health professional

Area that a professional counselor covers

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An online counseling degree empowers the students to work in any field of policymaking, social work, and community service. It is also an important part of human resource development. Counselors need to work far more than just listening to the problems of different people as they have to come up with a plan of action. Resolving various issues in the professional and personal life of a person is an active part of a counselor’s profession. He needs to understand that the behavioral disorders can only be solved through different cognitive intervention techniques.

Deciding on the career that suits you

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There are various careers available in the public sector as well as the private sector. The biggest advantage for a student holding a degree as a counselor is that they can work in different sectors and this improves their reach. You can either opt for a governmental agency or a private clinic. Though most of the counselors like to be self-employed, there are some people who have been working at top-ranked positions in different private sectors firms.


The demand for an online counseling degree has become equally good as that of a regular university degree. There are many companies that are hiring experts to improve the corporate culture in their organization. Human resource development is one of the most crucial parts of any organization. In order to manage employees and to get the best out of them, the firm needs to hire good counselors who can guide them. Developing goal-oriented strategies and evaluating the primary needs of the employee is given equal importance in any organization. Management consulting companies focus on creating a positive approach and set the right goals for various individuals. It is only possible to finish all these tasks with the help of a well-trained counselor who understands the human mind.

Community service

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When it comes to working in a community service, the job of a counselor requires changes because here he is not just interacting with a company but he needs to interact with the community as a whole. It’s an interesting job, reducing the crime rate and improving the social scenario. There are many career options available for the counselor in this sector too. They can work in areas like therapist, teacher, child care, and research assistant.

The Top Benefits You Can Get From Therapy

Every person has his way of coping with stress, grief, anxiety, trauma, pain and other negative emotions. There is no hard and fast rule on how to handle an unfortunate or unpleasant situation in your life. The critical thing to do is to find out the available remedies that can work correctly for you. Well, it is okay to continuously seek support from your family members, friends or other loved ones. However, it does not guarantee an ultimate resolution of your issues or problems.

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Do You Need Therapy?


Different people have different ways of coping us with stress and grief. There are some who just want to enjoy a moment of solitude. They are the ones who prefer to shut the world away from them during the period of emotional breakdown. Also, some individuals prefer to talk about their feelings and express their emotions. These are the people who find comfort in talking to a friend, a family member, a loved one or even a therapist.

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11 Good Reasons To Go For Online Therapy



Therapy is an incredibly effective tool for more than one reason. It has been proven to be very effective for patients with anxiety issues, depression, and other mental health conditions. Research shows that therapy helps even those who don’t need any medications. Therapy is of two main types, namely, Traditional Therapy and Online Therapy. Traditional Therapy works on physical grounds, while online therapy or e-therapy, on the other hand, is the delivery of mental health counseling over the internet, the latter being better than just talking to a random stranger online, which is a online therapy service offered by  different companies.

According to Sena Moran, LMHC, “online therapy is also known as teletherapy, online counseling, distance therapy, internet therapy, e-therapy, telehealth, telebehavioral health, email therapy, text therapy, phone counseling.” Experts have proven the effectiveness of online therapy to be a viable alternative to traditional therapy which is more time-consuming comparatively. Here are 11 good reasons why one should give online therapy a try.

  1. The convenience of communication. With online therapy, it is not necessary for the clients to fix appointments over the phone or personally. They can easily contact the therapist via email and initialize the therapy at any time that is convenient for both the parties.
  2. The absence of traveling. Clients don’t need to devote their precious time by visiting the counselor’s office. Instead, he can sit back at his own home and initiate the therapy.
  3. Less expensive. As it is conducted online, traveling charges of both the therapist and the client are eliminated. They only need to be available online in order to communicate. On the therapist’s side, his accommodation charges, capital, and traveling charges are eliminated.
  4. Suitable for adults and seniors. It is suitable for adults as well as for seniors, pregnant women, and depressed housewives.
  1. Helpful for people who are in abusive relationships. Online therapy helps people who are in abusive relationships who want to receive therapy without their partners being aware of. They can easily discuss their feelings by sending emails or using other online mediums with the therapist on the other side.
  2. Anonymity. Individuals who have issues communicating or interacting face to face with the therapists find online therapy more comfortable. For some people, it works well as they are comfortable with their names not being revealed and remain invisible to the therapist.
  3. Convenient for people with disabilities. Online therapy works best for people having certain disabilities. It is good for individuals who lack vision, are physically retarded or are mentally ill. It is also good for mothers who have to take care of their little children at home, as well as for seniors who are unable to walk or sit for long durations.
  4. Helps in structuring thoughts. Text based online therapy helps individuals construct their thoughts more sharply. They also get more time to recollect the issues they are experiencing. It helps to enhance the therapy more positively and in a better way. “Therapy doesn’t need to be an arduous never-ending process; however, the length of therapy depends on many factors,” says Nathaniel Cilley, LMHC.
  1. Flexibility of scheduling appointments. Since online therapy is free from intermediaries and registrations, clients can reschedule or cancel their therapists accordingly. They also don’t have to postpone their plans if they fall sick. Instead, they can go on with it even while resting at their own home.
  2. Security. Most traditional therapists accept clients 18 or older. They may allow persons below 18 or without parental consent. Security works both ways, so it is better to be intuitive before getting indulged in any therapy.
  3. Future reference. Emails or chats work as a reference for future discussion and review and is transparent of the treatment. It thereby proves to be very progressive and positive.

Daisy Chow, LPC, NCC once said that “It’s true that therapy isn’t for everyone and it’s not a magic cure. You still must be proactive and be willing to do the work to improve your situation.”
Hence, due to the abovementioned reasons, people can expect online therapies to work wonders. Studies have shown them to be significantly useful for treating various psychological disorders and mental conditions. However, it is important that people only take the services of professionally qualified and certified counselors.

5 Ways Counseling Can Help You Get Further In Life

Typically when you think of seeing a counselor, you think of mental health disorders such as depression or anxiety. Or perhaps you might think of attending counseling because of a relationship breakdown. What might surprise you though is the fact that you don’t need to be experiencing problems to this extent to benefit from counseling. There are a number of ways that counseling can help an already well-functioning person improve in a variety of areas in their life. Read on to see how counseling may help you to reach your full potential.

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