2015 Brooklyn Stand Up For Mental Health: Raising Awareness On Teens With Anxiety Disorders

Participants of the 2015 Brooklyn Stand Up For Mental Health tackled matters about how to achieve psychological wellness among teenagers who already have anxiety disorders.  It aims to make people more knowledgeable about mental health disorders so that they can be more empathetic to those who are suffering from the illness.

The event is also an avenue in raising awareness in various concerns about mental health such as possible environmental stressors that can trigger anxiety in adolescents and the role of society in helping the people already suffering from the disorder.


  • What Is Anxiety Disorder?


Mental disorders are adverse, pervasive and disabling. These can interfere with day to day activities. Anxiety disorder is a psychiatric disease wherein a person may be suffering from extreme worry and irrational fears.  

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There are many types of anxiety disorder and each of these centers around a specific aspect.  Examples of these are social anxiety disorders, panic disorders, selective mutism, and separation anxiety. However, there is a type called generalized anxiety disorder (GAD) where a person has extreme worries and fears over many different things.

A person with GAD has difficulties controlling his fears and worries, a symptom that can last up to months at a time.  6.8 million Americans are suffering from GAD every year. According to experts, the age group that is at risk of developing GAD is between pre-adolescence and adulthood. Therefore, adolescence is a very crucial stage for the onset of mental disorders such as anxiety.


  • How Can We Help?


Through the years, there are developments in raising awareness of mental health disorder. Compared to previous decades, people are more conscious and empathetic to those who are suffering from mental disorders. However, teenagers are complicated people. Since they are in the stage of learning and growing, they find it hard to understand themselves.

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Therefore, establishing multiple avenues for adolescents to understand what they are going through and duly express themselves is integral in the issue of mental health. These include activities like the 2015 Brooklyn Stand Up For Mental Health for raising awareness about psychological disorders among teenagers and being the avenue for the help they need.

Why We Should Celebrate Occasions Like The 2015 Kentucky Depression And Suicide Awareness Month

Whenever you talk about celebrating occasions like the 2015 Kentucky Depression and Suicide Awareness Month, people tend to share different views about it. Some are like, “Oh, yes, we should do it to inform our neighbors about the seriousness of such issues.” However, there are also others who seem – for lack of better word – too narrow-minded to realize its importance. They tend to say, “No, that will only give folks more ideas on how to end their lives” or “It’s an extremely dark topic; let’s focus on other stuff.”

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The thing is, we should never let such an occasion pass by without doing anything, especially if it’s for raising awareness about depression and suicide. These are two interconnected problems that plague the whole wide world and kill both kids and adults. Making this celebration a huge deal in your community entails that:

No One Will Stay Naive About Mental And Behavioral Disorders

A significant issue with individuals whose thoughts seem to be a little off is that they immediately think that they look at the situation in black and white. Meaning, it’s either they are crazy, or they are not. If you contemplate about it, though, mental and behavioral disorders tend to appear in gray. There’s nothing consistent about them, and healing depends on the patients themselves. Because of that, it matters to conduct an awareness campaign related to psychological illnesses annually.

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Troubled People Will Know That Others Care About Their Well-Being

When a person feels depressed or is already considering ending their suffering at once, you should understand that they are deeper down the depression lane than you expect. Their parents, siblings or friends can’t get through to them; they hardly believe that life is still worth living. Nevertheless, if there’s a month-long celebration prepared for them, it may encourage these troubled individuals to fight their condition.


Now, who will not want to celebrate the Depression and Suicide Awareness Month if it means that you can potentially save lives through it?

Tips To Improve Mental Health For Your Family

As a parent, you need to make it a top priority to ensure that everyone in your family has stable mental health. Everything you do must not only be geared in helping each one become successful in their individual lives but also to improve one’s mental health. Keep in mind that if the contrary happens, there is a high possibility that your loved one may become stressed, depressed or anxious. For sure, you do not want this to happen. As such, it is imperative on your part to follow these easy strategies to reach this ultimate goal.

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Motivate your family members to engage in regular physical activities on a regular basis. Fortunately, you do not need to do it every single day. Just let everyone know that they can exercise according to his own pace. It is important to remind each member about this, especially the kids so that there will be no pressure at all. According to a recent study, exercise can improve one’s mood. The reason behind this is the release of dopamine aka “happy hormones.”

Eat Nutritiously

As much as possible do everything you can to train every member in the household to enjoy healthy food choices over the unhealthy ones. Go for food items that are less in fats and cholesterol. Aside from this, never encourage your family to follow a fad diet because it can be dangerous to one’s health. What is essential is for you to find out the top food items that will give the highest nutrients for your loved ones. Take note that your brain and body need the right nutrients to keep it going. “Eat a healthful diet, that is low in fat, high in fiber, and rich in vitamins and minerals. Specific dietary factors that may be beneficial in depression are the B-complex vitamins (found in whole grains) and omega-3 fatty acids (found in cold-water fish, fish oil, and flax seeds),” says ADAA member Stephanie Kriesberg, PsyD.

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Communicate Well

You must see to it that you have a good relationship with your partner and the children. Never forget to make them feel how special they are in your life. Most importantly, appreciate their presence every single day so that your family will grow to become closer to one another, Teach everyone to communicate properly so that each of you will feel comfortable in discussing personal issues or problems in school and work. Communication is the key to a better living arrangement.

Sleep Early

Train your family members to go to sleep at the same time every night. It is not an easy or simple thing to do, especially if you are still new to it. However, all your efforts will go to waste because a well-slept individual means a better person the following day. On the other hand, a person who did not get sufficient sleep for a night has a high tendency to act cranky on the next morning. The technique here is to turn off all gadgets and devices before going to sleep so that there will be no distractions. According to Staci Lee Schnell, MS,CS,LMFT, “Patients who experience continued insomnia are less likely to respond to medication and psychotherapy treatment than those without sleep problems.”

Make Time

Invest in spending quality time with your family. Do not exchange them for overtime at work or a weekend conference for business. While such events may be essential, you must still find a way to hang out with your loved ones. Despite your hectic schedule, you must exert tons of effort to make time for them. An excellent example of this is going out of town for a weekend or visiting the beach on a cold Saturday afternoon. Plan a fun activity according to your personality.


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Be Thankful

One of the things that you must also look into is practicing gratitude at home. Teach your kids how to be thankful for all the blessings that they have received. Introduce your children to the concept of the law of attraction to ensure that they can practice it while they are young. Believing in this universal law will not only improve your family members’ mental health but also pave a road to success.

Trust One Another

Another smart way of accomplishing the goal mentioned above is to develop a culture of trust in the home. Everyone needs to know that he can confide to anyone in the family. He can get a guarantee that whatever he will tell to the latter will not be revealed to others. Fortunately, there are several free exercises available online that can guide you on how to achieve this objective.

 Seek Professional Help

At this point, you have to understand the reality that there is a possibility that your child is the one who is already suffering from a mental health issue. Stop denying to yourself about this problem, as it will only make matters worse. The smart thing that you have to do is to find the right psychiatrist or counselor who can handle the case. Now is not the time to think of what other people might say. Put your family’s welfare as a top ty at all times. “There are many reasons why people come to therapy. Sometimes it is to deal with long-standing psychological issues, or problems with anxiety or depression,” says Chris Corbett, PsyD.

Improve your family’s mental health by following the tips mentioned above. Take it slow until you become a mater of it.


What Are The Effects Of Teenage Pregnancy? (They Need Youth Counseling)

In 2014, the U.S. Department of Health & Human Services reported that teen moms gave birth to almost 250,000 babies and 77% of these weren’t planned. Being pregnant in a woman’s teenage years causes physical and mental changes and responsibility for both her and her baby’s health.

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Keeping Our Mental Health In Check

It is challenging to maintain wellness nowadays as it is hard to distinguish which are beneficial and which are harmful to our health. For instance, the society tells us to work hard to obtain stability, that if we do our best in our jobs, we will have abundance. However, too much work could cause us to be sick.

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Different Careers Of Online Therapy Degree Holders

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A career in counseling requires patience and one should consider it as a service towards society. An online counseling degree allows people to stay flexible and obtain various guiding skills. The American Counseling Association defines it as a practical application of human development principles and psychological development through behavioral development methods. There are options available to get a well-accredited degree in counseling through online courses. Universities have started providing training for pursuing a career through online counseling courses at different levels to know what career options are there, even if that means working with an online therapist.

Students interested in a counseling course would be delighted to know that today, online counseling degrees are available at doctoral and masters level. To obtain the certification, you should make a proper research on the college where you wish to apply.

  • Enrollment can be done online at an accredited university. You will receive the training depending on the course for which you apply.
  • The course may stretch from six to eight years depending on the level that you have selected.
  • When it comes to coursework and career, each level of a degree has certain opportunities as a counselor.

You apply for the following courses in order to pursue a degree in this field:

  • Rehabilitator
  • Marriage therapist
  • School counselor
  • Mental health professional

Area that a professional counselor covers

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An online counseling degree empowers the students to work in any field of policymaking, social work, and community service. It is also an important part of human resource development. Counselors need to work far more than just listening to the problems of different people as they have to come up with a plan of action. Resolving various issues in the professional and personal life of a person is an active part of a counselor’s profession. He needs to understand that the behavioral disorders can only be solved through different cognitive intervention techniques.

Deciding on the career that suits you

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There are various careers available in the public sector as well as the private sector. The biggest advantage for a student holding a degree as a counselor is that they can work in different sectors and this improves their reach. You can either opt for a governmental agency or a private clinic. Though most of the counselors like to be self-employed, there are some people who have been working at top-ranked positions in different private sectors firms.


The demand for an online counseling degree has become equally good as that of a regular university degree. There are many companies that are hiring experts to improve the corporate culture in their organization. Human resource development is one of the most crucial parts of any organization. In order to manage employees and to get the best out of them, the firm needs to hire good counselors who can guide them. Developing goal-oriented strategies and evaluating the primary needs of the employee is given equal importance in any organization. Management consulting companies focus on creating a positive approach and set the right goals for various individuals. It is only possible to finish all these tasks with the help of a well-trained counselor who understands the human mind.

Community service

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When it comes to working in a community service, the job of a counselor requires changes because here he is not just interacting with a company but he needs to interact with the community as a whole. It’s an interesting job, reducing the crime rate and improving the social scenario. There are many career options available for the counselor in this sector too. They can work in areas like therapist, teacher, child care, and research assistant.

Advantages Of Online Therapy For Anger Management

What is anger management?

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Anger is an emotion that may be experienced by people from time to time. This experience is considered normal when it can be controlled by the individual. However, there are certain people who face anger management issues. They get angry at petty things and often express their anger in a way that may be harmful or destructive to themselves or others around them. Oftentimes such disproportionate anger has some deeper, underlying reasons, such as a feeling of isolation, lack of attention, or not being acknowledged. Such behavior is usually responsible for causing complications in relationships and loss of psychological stability. With regard to health, excessive anger leads to a sudden rise in blood pressure, which may result in severe consequences.

According to Amy Morin, LCSW, “Anger is a normal, healthy emotion. But many kids struggle to understand the difference between angry feelings and aggressive behavior.”

Anger management refers to a learning process that involves understanding the signs that trigger sudden outbursts of anger. The techniques learned here help the individual control their temper and deal with situations in a non-destructive way. Anger management helps ensure the physical and emotional safety of the individual as well as those around them.

Importance of Anger Management

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  • Teaches techniques to channel energy in a positive way and remain calm
  • Helps to deal with pressure and stress related to work
  • Reduces feeling of hostility towards others
  • Aims at increasing harmony and productivity
  • Prevents unnecessarily venting out frustration on others
  • Helps to keep health in check by reducing increased blood pressure levels
  • Prevents cases of probable heart issues by practicing certain techniques
  • Helps control fears related to anger issues
  • Builds better communication techniques that are more assertive
  • Helps to build emotional intelligence to reduce chances of sudden outbursts

How is anger management done?

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  • Recognizing the causes – Anger management aims at understanding the real signs and symptoms of a probable outburst. These may be external events such as humiliation, loss of job, etc. or internal events such as thoughts of failure, frustration, etc. Recognizing these instances enable people to use their anger constructively and prevent serious consequences. It supports Ben Martin, Psy.D. claims that “anger can be expressed either directly through “lashing out” or indirectly through “passive-aggressive” behavior. With passive-aggressive behavior, individuals punish others by being belligerent, not responding, pouting, or simply running away.”
  • Controlling impulses – This therapy helps people to see reason before acting on their anger. When people get angry they are unable to judge between right and wrong. Anger management helps to control impulses by looking at a situation logically. Thus, the individual is able to make an informed decision, reducing chances of destructive actions.
  • Relaxation – Practicing various exercises and meditation techniques is a way to de-stress and vent out one’s frustration in a way that does not cause harm to the individual or others. It seeks to calm the individual. If this happens, then there are fewer instances where one has to control his/her anger and can find a permanent solution to the issue.

Online counseling helps by:

  • Using cognitive behavior therapy for anger management
  • Identifying personal triggers that can get individuals angry
  • Learning to react according to the intensity of the situation
  • Learning to let go of anger in situations where it is not required
  • Responding to anger in a way that is harmonious
  • Helping to develop self-control
  • Helping to gain control over thoughts and actions
  • Challenging behavior and thoughts that cause anger

Advantages of using online counseling:

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  • The individual does not have to change his/her schedule to get help
  • Help is available all the time
  • It is comparatively easier to enroll into an online counseling program
  • The procedure allows individuals to talk about their regular progress and the therapy is fashioned accordingly
  • Counseling is affordable
  • It is accessible in rural regions
  • Privacy and confidentiality of all the information shared
  • Availability of help during anger outbursts

Always remember “connecting with a therapist can help you get through the “groundhog day” of never-ending cycles where you feel continually defeated.” says Chris Oneth LMFT.

Falling Out Of Love – What To Do

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In some marriages, this is what happens. The couple becomes so familiar with each other and grows very close over the years that they sometimes forget to treat one another with utmost respect. The husband will progress from white lies to compulsively lying. Nagging and shouting even at the littlest of things – this becomes the wife. With their “too familiar” behavior, the couple will then begin to hate each other and can fall out of love.

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The Top Benefits You Can Get From Therapy

Every person has his way of coping with stress, grief, anxiety, trauma, pain and other negative emotions. There is no hard and fast rule on how to handle an unfortunate or unpleasant situation in your life. The critical thing to do is to find out the available remedies that can work correctly for you. Well, it is okay to continuously seek support from your family members, friends or other loved ones. However, it does not guarantee an ultimate resolution of your issues or problems.

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