Online Counseling: Is It Right For You?


The idea of going to an office and sharing their concerns with a therapist face to face scares many people. They might have been feeling anxious and a bit off for months now, but they never have the nerves to call for an appointment to begin with! They try talking to a friend or a family member, but sometimes when the stress level is too high and the pressures are piling up, you know your mind and body needs professional help. This is exactly the reason why online counseling has become very popular nowadays. “Counseling can help you dive into some of these issues and determine what is at the root of the constant conflict.” Susan Block, LMFT said.

The emergence of finding help online has been making its way to changing the conventional methods of trying to help people solve their life problems. Such sensitive issues as depression, anxiety disorders, and different types of addiction are now being tackled by certified therapists helping people with addiction, depression, and anxiety disorders through a one-on-one live counseling from the comfort of their homes, or wherever they may feel safe, for that matter. There are two major services offered online: assessment and therapy. The former utilizes self-scored quizzes, evaluations, and examinations, and the latter involves the actual therapy session in a chat room. But remember “therapy is a lot of work and this is important to keep in mind before starting. It’s imperative to understand this so that you can set realistic expectations for yourself.” Nathaniel Cilley, LMHC explains.

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Treating Personality Disorders


Mental disorders come in many different shapes and sizes. Literally. Under behavioral disorders, there are various illnesses that branch to even more mental health issues. A good example of this is the personality disorder, which is under dissociative disorders. Dissociative disorders are characterized by disturbances in memory, perception, identity, and awareness. It causes instability in moods and behavior, thus impairing an individual’s ability to function properly in daily activities. People with this disorder even have difficulty in thinking about themselves or others.

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Why People Are Choosing Online Therapy

Visiting an online therapist is the step in the right direction. When you have been feeling lost and very anxious and even a bit depressed, it’s time you get someone to talk to. Sometimes, it’s far easier to talk to someone you don’t know as they can offer an unbiased view. Choosing online therapy has really taken off within recent years and it’s now bigger than ever, but why? Why are people now choosing online therapy?


It’s fast and convenient

“Online therapy is also known as teletherapy, online counseling, distance therapy, internet therapy, e-therapy, telehealth, telebehavioral health, email therapy, text therapy, phone counseling.” –Sena Moran, LMHC.

Online therapy is very popular today and one of the biggest reasons why is down to convenience. When you want to talk to someone you have the ability to find a service then and there and not wait another three or four weeks to get an appointment. That can actually be very useful and very much needed for a wide variety of people. What’s more, online sessions can be a lot faster and that is something in which people want. Who wants to have to wait weeks on end for an appointment or go through miles of travel? Online offers a faster and more convenient service for most people.

An Online Therapist Can Offer Great Prices for Their Services

“There are many reasons why people come to therapy. Sometimes it is to deal with long-standing psychological issues, or problems with anxiety or depression,” says Chris Corbett, PsyD. With that, being able to get an affordable cost for therapy is a must and with online services, you can actually get a wonderful deal. It is now even possible to get some free online therapy sessions. Some therapists will offer a first free session to new patients in hopes of allowing them to see they are happy and comfortable with their settings. They can book more free sessions or pay but even if you have to pay, they can be very much affordable. That is why there is more and more going online. You can want the answer to how to control anger and find the online therapy sessions help. You can use the sessions for a variety of things and they can be very useful, to say the least. Read post here!


Feel More Comfortable At Home


Let’s be honest, going to a doctor’s office and waiting to be seen can be an anxious moment. People don’t really want others to know when they’re feeling a little down and can often shy away from visiting the office of a therapist which is why online therapy might be the answer. When you choose the online method you get the exactly same service but with a lot more convenience. You can remain in the comfort of your home and get the help you need from there without leaving. That can be a major point for thousands and it does encourage them more to seek help. As Molly Bowman, MS, LPC explains “Therapy is intended to be a place to carefully and safely start to turn toward whatever it is you’ve got.”

It’s Time to Take Action

When you are feeling down or need to talk, it’s time to take action and seek the help of a therapist specialist. You don’t need to leave your home; you can sit at home and talk from there. It’s a good solution to consider and it might just help you too. Whether you want to know how to control anger or just feel more positive about yourself, therapy might be the answer for you.


How Therapy Can Make For a Better Life

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How Counseling Can Help With Anxiety

Have you ever thought about online counseling? You aren’t alone in that thought and there seems to be more who love the idea of getting some help to deal with their anxieties than ever before. Getting help to deal with anxiety can be extremely important and not as difficult as you might think either. Counseling might just be able to help you deal with your anxiety issues and it can be a wise move to think about too.


You Can Talk Out Your Fears and Worries

Who honestly thinks talking about a problem will make it go away? Well, sometimes, it can help to talk through the fears, worries, and concerns you have as sometimes that’s all you need. With free online counseling, you can have someone to talk to who can offer an unbiased view and just be there for you. What’s more, if you feel a little unsure of talking about your anxieties to a friend or family member, a counselor can be ideal. They don’t have to share anything you say so you can feel very confident about what you share with them. It’s a simpler way to deal with your anxieties.

The Counselor Can Help You Overcome Your Anxieties

What makes you anxious? What brings on your anxieties? If you aren’t sure then it’s time to get help otherwise you cannot live or enjoy your life. According to Karin Draper, LMFT, “In the lives of those experiencing anxiety, anxiety has almost always served a purpose as a survival function at some point. ” When you see a counselor—even online—they are able to talk you through a few things and find the real reason as to why you feel as you do. It could be something as simple as meeting new people or something more complex; however, until you know what triggers your anxieties you cannot move on from them. Online counseling can find the problems and overcome them which can be very important, to say the least. There is no better way to overcome your anxieties than with counseling. That is because “Counseling is an empowering process in which people take responsibility for and control over their lives,” says Brittany N. Murphy, PHD, LPC, NCC, BC-TMH.

You Don’t Need To Pay Over the Odds


It’s quite important to note that despite what you might think, the cost for counseling can be pretty much affordable. Now, that’s a good thing because before, people used to believe counseling was very expensive and not something they could afford. Today, it’s a lot different and with online counseling services, you can get a great price. You can get the help you need but without such a high cost. There has never been a better time to look into counseling and you can find it works for you perfectly.

Get Help for Anxiety Today

“Anxiety disorders are highly treatable, but sadly, there are a staggering number of people who do not receive help,” – Alicia H. Clark, Psy.D.

Anxiety can be a crippling ailment. You can feel anxious about leaving the home, about visiting a sick family member and a lot of other things so for many, it’s hard to overcome. However, you do not have to suffer from this for the rest of your life. You have help available and you really need to think about seeing a counselor. Counseling can offer you a simpler way to confront the issues and find a way to overcome them. Free online counseling sessions can even get you started so why not start looking today?

Mental Health & Self-Helpanxieties free online counseling

Youth Counseling For Delinquent Teens

Being a teen can be an overwhelming phase in someone’s life. As teenagers, they are not children anymore, but they are still not adults as well. There’s a blurry line in defining the extent of their freedom and responsibilities. Hence, teens are most likely very vulnerable in adapting new behaviors. That is why it is still important to keep an eye on them.

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Am I In The Right Relationship?



You’ve been together for about a year now, and things are doing quite well. No big arguments, no misunderstandings that can’t be resolved. You feel like you’re lucky to have someone like him in your life – handsome, well off, and working in a prestigious company. A lot of your friends are envious of you, actually. You feel happy – you should be, right?

But there’s something about him that you can’t quite figure out. You have these fears sometimes that you just can’t brush off, and then you begin to question: Am I in the right relationship?

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Overcoming Depression Through Online Counseling



Mike And Heather

Mike is a moody, insecure, and depressed company executive who has no time to think about what’s going on with him. He is so preoccupied with work that he vents his insecurities and anxieties to his employees by often shouting at them and getting mad at them. When he goes into his office, he just closes his eyes and sulks in the corner, guilty of what he’s done but can’t find ways to get rid of the depressive feelings that are trapped within him.

Heather, on the other hand, is a rich and bored woman who lives a sedentary lifestyle. She often stays at home or if she’s out, she just shops for whatever she fancies – just because. She has been diagnosed with depression a few years back and her parents were shocked about it, all the while thinking that there was nothing their daughter couldn’t have gotten through with all her money and everything that she needed. They were unaware that Heather cries herself to sleep because she is lonely and depressed.


Depression comes to anyone – no matter the race, the age, or the economic status. There are an estimated 350 million people worldwide who suffer from some form of depression, and research suggests that after three or four years, it will have become the second most common reason for disability after heart disease. “Depression is different from passing sadness or temporary frustration with life’s issues. There are number of common signs for depression and they tend to be persistent.” That is according to Kurt Smith, Psy.D., LMFT, LPCC, AFC.

That is why online counseling for depression and other mental health conditions has become more and more popular these days. People like Mike and Heather are not the type of people who are open to discussing their feelings and issues with someone face to face. They are different yet their personalities reflect someone who feels guilty, alone, and insufficient despite their status in life. People like Mike and Heather can benefit greatly from online counseling.

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Most online therapy communities utilize some of the most effective techniques used in traditional therapy, one of which is cognitive behavioral therapy. With the help of an online therapist, the depressed individual is guided into helping him form negative thoughts into positive ones. It works by replacing his negative ‘I fail at almost everything’ to a positive one, ‘I will succeed if I work hard for it.’ Thoughts like this one are instilled in their minds so that they become integrated into the individual’s feelings and behaviors. “therapy is a lot of work and this is important to keep in mind before starting. It’s imperative to understand this so that you can set realistic expectations for yourself.” Nathaniel Cilley, LMHC explains.

Online counseling also helps people with depression learn coping techniques at the comfort of their home. For most who do not have the luxury of time or money, they will do very well with learning these strategies from a therapist online. For someone who is timid and guarded like Mike, things will eventually get easier through open conversations and discussions about stuck-up feelings and frustrations. For someone like Heather, online counseling may guide them into realizing that one can be special by doing something worthwhile and special, or activities that promote mental wellness.

With online counseling, depression can be dealt with just as traditional therapy does. It has given all types of individuals the hope and the possibility for mental health wellness at the comfort of their homes – or anywhere they want for that matter. “Mental health disorders are real, significant, and common. We need to do a much better job of looking out for people with depression, educating the public to take them seriously and to understand how important it is to get connected with a licensed mental health professional for help. Because great help exists, if people are willing to seek it out.” Simon Rego, PsyD said.


For Adolescents: How to Choose Your Future Self

Things can be difficult for young adolescents if they are given the responsibility to jumpstart their careers and their futures. One may have difficulties with choosing one path over the other. However, things can get easier when you know the many possible considerations that may affect your future.

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