The 2015 Connecticut Counseling Association Spring Conference




Counseling is one of the most popular treatments used by many people who are suffering from mental health-related issues. When I attended the 2015 Connecticut Counseling Association Spring Conference a few years ago, I realized that many people are suffering from their mental illnesses and psychological disorders. Because of this, the services of counselors, therapists, and psychiatrists have become in demand in different parts of the world.


If you believe that you need to go through counseling on your own or with your loved one, it is essential that you consider the different characteristics that every excellent counselor must have. You cannot become be careless in choosing the professional who will help you understand what you are going through. Take note that you need to find someone who possesses the necessary skills that can make professional engagement more productive and meaningful.


Here are the top characteristics that a good counselor needs to have:


  • Empathy – He must be sensitive enough to know and understand the needs of his clients. He should have the capacity to think the way one of his clients does.
  • Communicates Well – Take note that effective communication is essential to make the counseling sessions work. He must be someone who can easily relate to what you are saying. At the same time, he should not interrupt you when you are talking.
  • Trustworthy – He must be the type of professional that you can trust and feel comfortable with. Keep in mind that you cannot lie to a counselor; otherwise, his professional help would prove futile. Look for someone who is guaranteed to be trustworthy.




If you want to get better and become a better version of yourself, we highly recommend that you start looking for a counselor as soon as possible. Start as soon as you can!