Why We Should Celebrate Occasions Like The 2015 Kentucky Depression And Suicide Awareness Month

Whenever you talk about celebrating occasions like the 2015 Kentucky Depression and Suicide Awareness Month, people tend to share different views about it. Some are like, “Oh, yes, we should do it to inform our neighbors about the seriousness of such issues.” However, there are also others who seem – for lack of better word – too narrow-minded to realize its importance. They tend to say, “No, that will only give folks more ideas on how to end their lives” or “It’s an extremely dark topic; let’s focus on other stuff.”

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The thing is, we should never let such an occasion pass by without doing anything, especially if it’s for raising awareness about depression and suicide. These are two interconnected problems that plague the whole wide world and kill both kids and adults. Making this celebration a huge deal in your community entails that:

No One Will Stay Naive About Mental And Behavioral Disorders

A significant issue with individuals whose thoughts seem to be a little off is that they immediately think that they look at the situation in black and white. Meaning, it’s either they are crazy, or they are not. If you contemplate about it, though, mental and behavioral disorders tend to appear in gray. There’s nothing consistent about them, and healing depends on the patients themselves. Because of that, it matters to conduct an awareness campaign related to psychological illnesses annually.

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Troubled People Will Know That Others Care About Their Well-Being

When a person feels depressed or is already considering ending their suffering at once, you should understand that they are deeper down the depression lane than you expect. Their parents, siblings or friends can’t get through to them; they hardly believe that life is still worth living. Nevertheless, if there’s a month-long celebration prepared for them, it may encourage these troubled individuals to fight their condition.


Now, who will not want to celebrate the Depression and Suicide Awareness Month if it means that you can potentially save lives through it?